Larry Calkins


Larry Calkins is a self taught artist living in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Washington. Having grown up in a small logging community his art has grown out of his memories of childhood, the stories and fantasies of the people, animals and forests. Experimenting freely with painting, sculpture, photography and assembling books his art defies easy labels. He is equally adept at sewing odd clothing pieces, painting animal transformation, and welding or building boxes.

Recent book pieces combine drawing, poetry, photographs and objects that are combined in assemblage. They may begin with an idea or place but evolve into fantasies in non linear visual associations that are glimpses of his inner world.

Another series of sculpture pieces have taken the form of flattened clothing pieces sewn with strange dimensions and surfaces infused with earth pigments, dyes or wax. These evolved from recreating childhood memories.

Picture making has engaged Calkins since youth in painting, drawing and photography. Years working in photo labs as a printer has given him the ability to alter his images or rework found photographs often incorporated in his books.

American Primitive Gallery has presented several one person shows of Calkins art in New York.

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