Anthony Dominguez

Anthony Dominguez lives in abandoned buildings or whatever makeshift shelter he can find for the night. He doesn’t consider himself homeless, he considers himself free. An earlier phase of Anthony’s life included both home and job working as a sign painter. He now views this former life as being enslaved and has chosen to give up attachment to worldly necessities. The form, process, and content of Anthony’s art is an expression of his transient life where there is contact with the raw edge of life and death.

Incorporating his experience as a sign painter through symbols and words, he communicates a view of society that’s laced with irony and black humor. Skeletonized figures who dance on a fine line between life and death deliver their philosophical message. These began as circular stencils cut out of plastic.

He later started printing the images with bleach onto black fabric he would fine. Some recent works on black were painted with wite out and more recently he has turned to white paint applied with a self made pen applicator that allows for control on linear graphic works. A recurring idea is the cycle of life, death, and renewal. There is often a keen observation of ironys of contemporary life and black humor of reversal of life and death. The skeletonized trickster is a recurring image of transformation and reminder of the flipside of worldly delusions as seen by Anthony. The cycle of loss and renewal can be seen in the seasons as well as depictions of loss of privacy and security in today’s world. The pictures of Anthony can be humorous, paradoxical, as well as chillingly raw. In the corner of each painting is a stick figure that is opening a door – this is Anthony’s signature. He explains that like the abandoned buildings he chooses to explore, his art and life are a state of becoming, of opening up doors.

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