Max Romain

Max Romain’s paintings often depict multiple realities and figures freely associated and intertwined. There are elements of ritual, pageantry, and sexuality combined with nature and spirituality.

The self taught artist living in New York City and Costa Rica began painting late in life after coming to New York City as a young man from Haiti. His art is infused with the colors of the Caribbean and life he witnessed in Haiti, as well as the multicultural influences in New York City. Symbols and rituals of Voudoun belief permeate many of his paintings as he was initiated as a young age. Max Romain talks about immersion in his painting as in a trance and having imagery flow from his deeper imagination. Early pictures were on paper and later were painted on found poster board and panels.

His art was discovered in a small library exhibition and has since been shown in several museums including Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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